Reading Consultant Tests Agape Children on Proficiencies

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Dr CuppDr. Cindy Cupp is visiting the E. Rivers program today to test each student’s reading level.  Dr. Cupp spent the last two days training and inspiring Agape Homework Buddies to teach the kids to read effectively.   Thank you for contributing your time and expertise to our program Cindy!   Thank you also to the volunteer team that brought Dr. Cupp here!

Dr. Cindy Cupp is a private educational consultant that served as Director of Curriculum and Reading for the Georgia Department of Education.

The Dr. Cupp Readers and Journal Writers Readiness Program is currently being used in kindergarten classes in Fayette County, Gordon County, Slater Elementary in Atlantic City, and 80 other schools in Georgia. Dr. Cupp is the author of numerous educational stories and publications.

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