Ending Generational Poverty 

True Transformational Change 

Our Community Includes You!

Agape has invested countless hours invested in our community, my family, and me. They have exposed me to a world full of diversity, educational opportunities, and wonderful experiences, and encouraged me to pursue my passions and develop interests that make me who I am today. Most importantly, I’ve had a safe space to grow academically and socially. The hours spent checking in on my academic progress, mental health, and social development have given me the resilience to face any challenge.

I am so grateful for the community Agape has provided for me and my fellow students. That community includes people like you, who believe in and support Agape’s programs and services, which are needed now more than ever before. Your investment helps ensure that students like me continue to receive academic support, mentorship, and life-changing experiences.

Tackling generational poverty in our community would be impossible without your support and dedication. Please consider supporting Agape’s Annual Fund and investing in the next generation of students who will benefit from this incredible organization.

However, reaching this goal did not come without its challenges. Agape’s services are crucial to our community, now more than ever. Please consider supporting Agape’s Annual Fund with a gift to help us sustain our students’ progress. 

To make a life-changing gift, please donate today.

To learn more about Agape’s Annual Fund, please contact Danielle Boyd, Chief Development Officer, at 404-994-3049 or dboyd@agapeatlanta.org

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