Ending Generational Poverty 

True Transformational Change 

Through the generosity of donors like you, Agape has provided stable support for underserved students like Gabriela in our community for the past 25 years. In her own words, “Agape has helped me achieve things I thought we unattainable.” Gaby is now pursuing her dreams as a freshman at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Your investment allows us to address our most pressing funding priority—providing the necessary resources to sustain our in-school, after-school, and summer programming for the more than 200 youth.

During the 2021-2022 school year, our efforts led to an impressive 86% of our students maintaining an 80% GPA or above—a significant increase from only 70% the previous year!

However, reaching this goal did not come without its challenges. Agape’s services are crucial to our community, now more than ever. Please consider supporting Agape’s Annual Fund with a gift to help us sustain our students’ progress. 

To make a life-changing gift, please donate today.

To learn more about Agape’s Annual Fund, please contact Danielle Boyd, Chief Development Officer, at 404-994-3049 or dboyd@agapeatlanta.org

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