What We Do

Agape serves 200 school-age children year round in innovative, in-school and after-school academic support programs, and 40 senior citizens providing a vibrant, social, safe community.

Agape provides a supervised, safe haven in the after-school programs at a time of day when teen crime and teen pregnancy spike among unsupervised youths.

Students and mentors are often paired in elementary school and the relationship may last through high school graduation.

The average Agape high school senior has been enrolled at Agape for seven years, offering a remarkable opportunity to influence behavior and perspective.

Did you know that between 3pm and 6pm, Monday through Friday is when teen crime and teen pregnancy spike among unsupervised youth?

Agape’s programs start well before 2 pm each day, with academic support staff embedded in each school we serve.

Agape’s innovative in-school and after-school program model is complemented by Agape services and outreach that fulfill a holistic approach to guiding each child to discover and embrace their full potential.

As you know, this takes time and cannot be achieved overnight.

Here Are Some Numbers

Students in Agape’s programs receive 947 hours of programs and services each year. This deep investment in each child’s life, over the course of years, changes the trajectory of each child’s life and points them in the direction of their heart’s desire.

High school program students are with Agape for an average of eight and a half years.

Students who remain in Agape’s programs through 12th grade have a 98% high school graduation rate.

Once graduated, 20% gain employment, 40% enroll in vocational school and 40% enter college; these students are the first in their families to ever attend college.

Agape has a staff of 14 full-time and 13 part-time employees and is governed by a 30-member Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is plotting a course over the next five years via the strategic plan, to quantify community needs and increase program capacity through expansion and strategic partnerships.

Agape is about to grow significantly to drive even greater outcomes.

Our Mission

Agape empowers and supports underserved families within its community to discover, embrace, and achieve their full potential.

Agape achieves this mission by providing academic support and family services focusing on character development, academic achievement, reading proficiency by third grade, successful high school graduation and post-graduation placement.

Current Programs

  • In-School and After-school for Elementary and Middle School Students
  • ESOL for Spanish Speaking Students
  • The Ginger Kaney Mentoring Institute for High School Students
  • Ragtime, A Day Program for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities
  • Emergency Assistance for Families
  • GOGIRLGO! and F.I.T. Camp for Boys, Athletic, Health, and Wellness based Summer Camp
  • Reading Readiness – a summer early reading / STEM program for rising kindergarten, first and second graders
  • The Great Backpack Giveaway serving 2,000+ children annually
  • Extreme Bedroom Makeover – new bedrooms for 170 children and counting!
  • Holiday Gift Programs serving 500+ children each year

As One Agape Fifth Grader Put it:

Agape has helped me with academics most of all.  It has also helped me to become a better person.  It has given me backpacks and produce.  Agape has helped me to understand life in many ways and to appreciate what I have.  My Agape counselors have taught me to appreciate, respect, and to be myself.  Agape has always been there for me and always will.  They have always taught me to have faith in myself no matter what.

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