The new Center has increased Agape’s capacity to impact more children in a thoughtfully designed space.


The reality is that a child cannot succeed academically when the challenges of home overwhelm his or her school life. While from loving families, many of the Bolton Road parents are simply unable to provide the means for a future beyond their own.

Children who otherwise may have been left behind have graduated from high school. Agape’s new home allows many more children and families to articulate their dreams and apply the appropriate resources to achieve their potential.

With your investment, Agape will continue to empower children in our new community center—a vibrant, well–loved building that rises to the highest and best purpose for the community.

What does ‘Agape’ mean? In Greek, it means ‘selfless love.’ The power of love is what Agape has always been about. Eighteen years ago, the tiny but mighty dream of Agape took root and began to grow on Bolton Road. Now, a new dream emerges, energized by the hope of serving more children, families, and seniors in ever more positive, transformative ways. Share the love. Isn’t that what life’s all about?


Our new 35,000 square–foot building provides important program enhancements

  • An Environment Conducive to Learning
  • Library and lounge space for quiet one-on-one tutoring
  • Access to 50 computers in a state-of-the art computer lab
  • On-site storage for educational materials
  • Multi-purpose classrooms for tutoring and studying
  • 1,800-square-foot multi-purpose dining room also available for community seniors, arts and crafts, games and enrichment
  • An Environment Connecting Community
  • Community and family living room
  • 5,000-square-foot gymnasium
  • Improved food delivery in a 800-square-foot kitchen and servery
  • Offices and open work stations for 30 staff
  • Outdoor patio and 48 parking spaces
  • Space for neighborhood meetings
  • Space for community physical fitness programming for seniors, moms and children

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Twenty two years ago, Agape began as a weekly after–school program with 25 elementary, middle and high school children. The program expanded to three times a week in 2003 and five times a week in 2004, at three locations—during the school day and after–school; and now serves over 200 children, five days a week, at our new location on Marietta Boulevard. On average, students participate in Agape’s program for eight and half years. The length of engagement is growing as Agape now recruits children as young as Kindergarten. By design, Agape also recruits siblings, knowing that influencing the entire family maximizes the program’s impact. Agape has steadily grown, thanks in large part, to the overwhelming commitment of volunteers who bring this program to life each day. The lasting effect of Agape is the positive, long-term relationship with an adult—one who can expose that boy or girl to opportunities beyond Bolton Road and make a difference in how he or she views their place in the world.


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Agape Capital Campaign GOAL ACHIEVED!




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